Photos by the wonderful Douglas Robar


"BETAGarden” is an informal developer showoff of ideas, APIs and experiments using Umbraco in some sort of way, compressed down to short and high-paced presentations.

Everyone can participate, as long as they are willing to stand on the main Codegarden stage and present whatever they’ve made to the Umbraco community.

BetaGarden is an informal, fun way to share your creativity and skills with the rest of the community, or just to have a fun time showing off a playful project. 


What could you present? - the possibilities are endless:

  • The combination of Umbraco with a cloud-based service or APIs
  • Using Umbraco with IOT or other custom hardware
  • Extending or modifying the Umbraco backoffice to new uses or customers

Maybe you control your coffee machine with Umbraco? Or filter all your content through a machine-learning algorithm? how about automatically sending a box of candy every time an editor publishes 100 pieces of content, or maybe you prefer to control Umbraco by simply yelling at it, through a speech API ?

How to present: 

  • Submit your idea  / experiement / show-off in the form below
  • Be ready to present at 15:00 friday 9th on the main stage
  • You have a maximum of 5 minutes to present
  • No need for slides, show-off what you've done
  • If you have a package, some code or a github repo available, include this in your presentation
  • Anything goes  - as long as it lives up to our guidelines at the footer of this page.

In case inspiration strikes during Codegarden - submission deadline is Friday 9th 14:00 (1 hour before presentation)  

Tell us what you will present, so you can get a proper introduction on stage


BETAGarden takes place Friday June 9th at 15:00.