Photos by the wonderful Douglas Robar
  • Rene Nielsen

    backend developer @ Kraftvaerk

Danish Competition and Consumer Authority and Umbraco

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At this session we will dive into the new solution for our client the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority and show how we chose to use the full power of Umbraco Grid.

Based on our client’s needs to adjust design and develop new functionality, the solution is built upon a modular mindset  by building Grid Editors (modules) for the Umbraco Grid. Hereby we gave the editors greater freedom and flexibility setting up pages and modules. The editors simply define a layout and start building the site with modules.

This applies to normal content pages, but also the “template” pages we set up for rendering articles/news/cases across the sites.

The modules can be used across all sites in the solution, we simply just apply a new design based on the domain.


This session will show you one of the most innovative uses of Umbraco Grid ever seen.