Photos by the wonderful Douglas Robar
  • Tomas A. Krag

    Chief Technology Officer @ Kruso

DOT: Complex e-commerce, in less than 12 weeks

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An agile approach to building a complex commerce solution, in less than 12 weeks.

When the price structure of tickets for public transportation was fundamentally changed in January 2017, DOT needed a new webshop with new products, new prices and new structures. We based the solution on an Umbraco CMS, using uCommerce as the commerce engine and integrating to Navision backend.

In less than 12 weeks from start to finish, using a true agile approach, we helped DOT prune their backlog into something manageable, and worked with their Navision partner to develop, test and launch a single, integrated commerce experience. 

In this talk, we will look at the good and the bad of the agile model we used, and walk through some of the challenges we faced.


About DOT 

DOT is a cooperation between three Danish public transportation providers, Movia (bus), DSB (rail) and Metroselskabet (metro). DOT provides a single entry for customer service, price information, ticket guides and other relevant communication for users of public transportation in the eastern region of Denmark.