Photos by the wonderful Douglas Robar
  • Simone Chiaretta

    Technical Lead and Web Architect @ Council of European Union
  • Dirk De Grave

    Freelance Umbraco expert @ Council of European Union

Fast and furiously multilingual: Publishing of EU politics in 24 languages

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Developing the website for the Council of the European Union presented many challenges, both technical and organizational.

Dirk and Simone will explain how a team of more than 10 persons collaborated on the development of the website without too much friction and how they deeply customised Umbraco to be able to have a great editorial user experience while still allowing the internal translation unit to translate the original content in 24 languages using their every-day tools within tight deadlines.

They will also cover how they made the site cope with traffic peaks by leveraging a cache layer coupled with a load balancing setup and how they implemented a multilingual full-text search using Elastic Search.

And finally also how they managed to import the pre-existing content from the previous CMS.