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  • Søren Spelling Lund

Workshop: UCommerce

Session topics:

uCommerce is one of the most trusted packages around. Get your hands dirty with the big daddy of e-commerce platforms on Umbraco and discover how elegantly simple e-commerce can be. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to gain knowledge from Mr uCommerce himself: Søren Spelling Lund

You will learn:

  • Architecture and DNA of uCommerce
  • uCommerce Apps
  • Working with catalogs and their APIs
  • Building a checkout flow
  • Handling persistent baskets
  • Pipelines and business logic

At the end of the workshop you will have a fully functional store on Umbraco.

These people already booked their seat at the workshop

Simon Eldevig
Jeroen Breuer
Frej Raahede Nielsen
Gustav Gunnarsson
Andy Felton
Tobias Larm
Tilda Amré
Allan Hawkey
Hetal Dave
Ozkan Sayin
Daniele Tonini
Daniele Florean
Giorgio Ballarini
Matt Muller
Steven Langeraert
Craig Cronin
Henri De Roeck
Tommi Talasma
Duncan Thomson
Ahmed Sadiq
Lars Gaardsøe
Andrew Dobb
Bendik Engebretsen
Staale Engne
Kenneth Solberg
John Parkinson
Jeroen Wijdeven
Amir Moradi
Martin Randall

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