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  • Rune Strand

  • Morten Christensen

Workshop: Umbraco Cloud

Session topics:

We made Umbraco Cloud to remove friction when it comes to working with Umbraco, so you can focus on building amazing things and never again worry about installing, upgrades, deployments, hosting and any other infrastructure bits that steal between 8-12% of your time! Getting more productive while doing what you like the most - what’s not to love?


After this half-day event, attendees will have an in depth knowledge of:

  • Creating new projects for your development team

  • Deploying between environments (both locally and remote)

  • Git basics and tools used to run a site locally

  • Advanced debugging and troubleshooting

  • Assigning hostnames and going live

These people already booked their seat at the workshop

Simon Eldevig
Callum Whyte
René Truelsen
Anders Brohus
Mika Arfman
Tiago Braz
Dirk Seefeld
Fraser Boswell
Christian John Schmidt
Frej Raahede Nielsen
Anssi Pirinen
Fuji Kusaka
Emma Garland
Nik Rimington
Steve Barnhouse
Daniele Florean
Daniele Tonini
Keith Hubbard
Steven Langeraert
Ozkan Sayin
Tommi Talasma
Patrick Monslaup
Tommy Lunde Barvåg
Erlend Rommetveit
Tom Newbold
Ricardo Paradela
Stig Solholm
Tomas Krag
Duncan Thomson

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