Photos by the wonderful Douglas Robar
  • Lars Erik Aabech

  • Anthony Dang

Workshop: Unit-testing Umbraco

Session topics:

Still feel like you should give that «unit testing» another chance? Avid unit-tester, but bang your head against the wall when you try testing Umbraco? Join us on a journey where we explore how to get started with testing.

You’ll learn the techniques you need to write testable code and how to use them with Umbraco.

Finally we’ll go beyond the world of NUnit to look at some other awesome testing tools.

These people already booked their seat at the workshop

Gary Cheetham
Rob Alexander
Wouter van der Beek
Effrosyni Kouri
Mika Arfman
Jonathan Richards
Lauren Maguire
Tiago Braz
Janne Mårtensgård
Barry O'Kane
Magnus Bäcklund
Chris Houston
Anssi Pirinen
Craig Cronin
David Peck
Miguel Lopez
Daniele Florean
Søren Kottal
Fuji Kusaka
Giorgio Ballarini
Emma Louise Garland
Paulius Putna
Maciej Golis
Franciszek Tegiewicz
Ben McKean
Rick Lynch
Peter Tanderup

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